Lancaster County Beekeepers Association By-Laws


Lancaster County Beekeeping Association

By-Laws: Adopted October 4, 2012

Name and Objectives:


A. The Association shall be known as "Lancaster County Beekeepers Association."

B. The objectives of the Association are as follows:

1. To promote better beekeeping in Lancaster County.

2. To promote local interest in beekeeping.

3. To educate the public on the importance of honeybees for pollination.

Membership and Meetings:

A. Membership:

1. All members must pay dues, to the local and state organization.

2. Dues shall be paid at the December meeting every year.

3. Only paid members shall be allowed to vote or hold office.

B. Meetings:

1. The Association will hold an annual business meeting each January.

2. Regular Association meetings shall be held the 1st Thursday of each month

3. Changes to the By-Law must be approved by a two-thirds (2/3)

Majority vote of members present at a regularly scheduled meeting.

4. Proposed changes to the by-laws require one month written notice before

Being voted on.


Officers, Committees and Duties:

A. Officers: There shall be a President, Vice-President, Financial Officer,

Recording Secretary, Regional Representative and Chaplin.

1. Officers shall be elected by simple majority vote each year at the October meeting.

2. Officers shall serve from January through December.

B. Duties of Officers are as follows:

1. President:

a. Shall preside at all meetings.

b. Shall appoint a Program Committee composed of not more than five (5)


c. Shall appoint other committees as needed.

2. Vice President:

a. Shall preside in the absence of the President.

b. Shall Chair the Program Committee.

3. Financial Officer:

a. Shall receive all dues and fees.

b. Shall disperse all funds with the following guidelines:

i. Up to $100.00 per month for routine  Association expenditures.

ii. Up to $250.00 per month with the approval of the Association President

iii. Expenditures in the excess of $250.00 shall be considered during monthly Association meeting and will require a simple majority vote

of the members present.

c. Shall notify members of meeting.

d. Shall bill dues for regular Association members.

4. Recording Secretary:

a. Shall record and read minutes of the previous meetings.

b. Shall record attendance of meetings.

c. Shall handle correspondence for the Association.

5. Regional Representative:

a. Serve on the SC State Executive Committee.

b. Participate and report back to the Association of the actions taken by the

State Executive Board.

6. Chaplin:

a. Conducts opening prayer for the meetings.