Contact one of the following for information on our Association

Association Help: 

President: Bill Huey  - (803)289-9410/

Dale Starnes - (803)577-7871/

Honey Extractor Rental:

Bobby Legg - (803)804-7460/

Swarm Capture:

Dale Starnes - (803)577-7871/ (803)286-9550 *Swarms and Cutouts

George Thompson - (704)582-3378/ (803)789-3660

Philip Tillman - (704)219-2267 *Swarms, Cutouts, Other Stinging Insects

Don Carrier - (803)246-8932 *Swarms, Lancaster County Only

Kent Jewell - (803)320-3708 *Swarms Only

Cam Brunson - (803)374-9375 *Swarms, Great Falls County Only

***Contact as soon as you notice a swarm, as they won't wait around long***

***Order of list is by date contacted***

***To be added/removed from the swarm list, click here***