Lancaster County Beekeepers Association              

To promote better beekeeping in Lancaster County, South Carolina


We will be offering a Journeyman Beekeeping Class. Info on SC State Beekeeper website


Don Carrier LCBA Beekeeper of the Year

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How to create a YouTube Channel.

After you create a channel. Send me the link and I can get it posted for you. It is better for the Association for YouTube to store video footage. So we don't have to pay for extra storage.


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Exciting times

Honey harvesting is another exciting time in a beekeepers life. Yes, even for long timers but especially for newbees. Let the honey flow.

Making Honey!                                                                                                             5-8-16

We hope everyone's hives are making honey so far this year. Let's pray the rain continues some to keep the plants producing nectar. Keep the supers on to prevent congestion.

It's happening now                                                                                                     4-2-16

Nucs, packages, splits, swarms and captures, pollen, nectar flow, trying to keep pace

If you are not excited, you never will be.

Are you ready?                                                                                                              2-24-16

Warm weather is approaching and everyone is getting ready for Spring and the nectar flow.

Beekeeping class members seem to be anxious to start beekeeping for the first time.

2 more classes and then field day when most members will be around honeybees for the first time ever.

Beekeeping Class                                                                                                        2-8-16

LCBA lost a good beekeeper, Noel Hurley. Pray for his family.

I believe we have 47 people taking the class this year. Great turnout.

2016 Beginner Beekeeping class                                                                               1-8-16

Starts Feb 2nd. Keep checking website for more info and how to sign up.

Merry Christmas!                                                                                                        12-10-16

We at the LCBA want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.