Lancaster County Beekeepers Association              

To promote better beekeeping in Lancaster County, South Carolina

Location of Monthly Meetings:

Springs Memorial Hospital                                                                                                                  800 W Meeting St,                                                                                                                               Lancaster, SC 29720

To get to the meeting room, you'd turn in to the ER parking lot. If you're looking at the ER doors, the parking lot continues around the building to the right. There you'll see a lot of glass windows and a covered entry way with double sliding glass doors. The meeting is through those doors.

To make sure emergency room patients and their family have plenty of room, once you've located the room, we do ask that you park in the lower parking lot. Leave the ER parking lot and make a left turn. You'll see the entrance to this lot. There are stairs leading up

 We are currently meeting at Springs Memorial Hospital. Due to policy change, we won't be able to meet there after the end of this year. Please keep this in mind if you don't regularly attend meetings. We will be announcing when and where a new meeting place will be when we find a location. If anyone has suggestions, please contact the president or vice president to let them know. Thanks.